The Snow Has Started to Fall! Time to Get Your RAM Truck into the Service Center at Bokan Chrysler Dodge RAM and Get Ready for the Winter Season!

The RAM lineup of trucks has always been known for their impressive power and capability, which is why many Burlington, VT drivers feel so confident driving them in the snowy and icy conditions we often experience in Vermont. Even though RAM trucks have many advantages in winter travel, it doesn’t mean that they are immune from needing some winter car maintenance to get them ready for the coming cold and heavy snowfall. The service center at Bokan Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, located at 2 Franklin Park W. in St. Albans, VT, is here to help your pickup get prepared for wintry travel in the Colchester, VT area.

The Advantages of Four-Wheel Drive

RAM trucks come available in four-wheel drive, which is a huge plus for Plattsburgh, NY drivers who do a lot of winter driving. Four-wheel drive has the advantage of being able to send power to both axles and all four wheels so you can keep moving in snowy and slippery conditions. It also helps get your pickup going when it is at a complete stop and assist in the performance and handling in the snow and ice. If you are looking to get through snow and ice easier, four-wheel drive will assist with that because a vehicle that stays in motion will be able to push through snow build-up much easier.

Prepping for Winter Travel

While four-wheel drive may be a great perk for South Burlington, VT drivers to have on their RAM truck, it isn’t a full-proof way to get through the winter. Our service center can make sure your vehicle is completely prepared with a few simple maintenance items. We can inspect your battery and make sure it has the juice necessary to not leave you stranded. Another car service we provide our Milton, VT drivers is to inspect their brakes. The service technicians can also check your windshield wipers and all your fluids.

If you don’t yet have snow tires, our parts center can sell you some and the service team can put them on. Snow tires are vital to helping the four-wheel drive give you maximum traction in the winter.

Get into the Shop Soon

The snow is already flying, so make your appointment with Bokan Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, in St. Albans, VT, and get your RAM truck ready to get through all the wintry weather conditions we are sure to encounter.

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