Want to Know More About Driving in the Snow with Your Jeep SUV or Truck? The Experts at Bokan Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM Are Here to Help

Owning a Jeep SUV or truck can be a comforting feeling when commuting around the Milton, VT area during a snow or ice storm. Jeep has an excellent reputation for being a true warrior through any harsh terrain or less-than-ideal road conditions. Yet, that doesn’t mean any vehicle is bulletproof, even if it comes from a brand as capable as Jeep. There are still many precautions and strategies Colchester, VT drivers can use to make your winter driving experience safer and easier. Bokan Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, located at 2 Franklin Park W. in St. Albans, VT, is here to give you some of those helpful hints and assist you through this tough winter season.

The Joys of 4x4

One of the great advantages that a Jeep SUV or truck has during winter travel is they all come available in 4x4. A 4x4 system’s main perk is that it will keep your vehicle moving, even in deep snow or slippery conditions. It does this by sending power to all four wheels and both axles. The idea is that this power will assist the Jeep in overcoming any resistance it gets from the snow or icy road conditions. A 4x4 system will help you get started from a complete stop in the snow or ice and will help South Burlington, VT drivers with the handling of their Jeep.

Many Burlington, VT area customers will tell you that winter tires are equally important. They help your Jeep get maximum traction in temperatures below 45 degrees and are designed to discard snow and slush to prevent build-up. When combined with a good 4x4 system, like the ones Jeep offers, winter tires can be a great way of making your vehicle more capable in winter travel.

Other Tips to Keep You Safe

There are many other things that Plattsburgh, NY to keep themselves safer while making their way through the wintry road conditions:

  • Accelerate and Decelerate Slowly
  • Don’t Stop Unless There’s a Need
  • Don’t Accelerate Up Hills
  • Don’t Follow Vehicles Too Closely
  • Stay Home if You Can

Let Us Help You Get Prepared

The service center at Bokan Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, in Saint Albans, VT, can help your Jeep get ready for the winter season. Make an appointment today and take your first steps towards safer winter travel.

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